Welcome to the Community College of Baltimore County
ALP Inquiry Network (ALPIN)

This Wiki is the platform we are using to develop a written pedagogy to guide all of us teaching ALP, especially new faculty.

Links to the key pages appear in the green box to the left.

This pedagogical document is very much a work in progress. At this time, only one "core belief" is under active consideration, #1 on addressing students' affective needs. We invite discussion on this topic. For the last few weeks we have been discussing and uploading materials for three topics under "addressing students' affective needs": motivation, time management, and mental and physical health. This week, we will open up three more topics for discussion: self-esteem, finances, and home life. At the ALPIN meeting on Friday, April 8th, we will attempt to come up with the kind of philosophical statements under these three topics that we developed for the first three. Then the discussion can begin in earnest.

When we are reasonably happy with what we've developed on "addressing students' affective needs," we will move on to consideration of another principle. And continue this way until we have developed a complete description of the pedagogy of ALP, probably in the year 2050.

As the list of adopted principles grows, it is important to be clear about what this list is: a compilation of what the ALP faculty, after much deliberation, has decided are our recommendations about pedagogy. It is not intended that these be rigid requirements that everyone teaching ALP must follow, but we do think that most faculty will be convinced to follow them, especially those that have a high percentage of support. And, of course, the list is always open to reconsideration and modification.

Here's what's currently going on:

At its meeting on March 8th, the Steering Committee, at least for now, settled on the name ALP Inquiry Group (ALPIN) for the group of nine of us working on this project.

The primary topic now open for discussion is the list of topics under the core belief "addressing students' affective needs."

In addition, we continue to welcome suggestions for a better term for "core beliefs" and additions or revisions to the list of what I continue to call "core beliefs" in hopes someone will come up with a better term.